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NEW!!!  Handi Quilter Spoon Foot

We receive an Authentic HQ Metal Foot
We add, the Spoon shaped disc.

Heavy Duty, HDPE Polycarbonate
Is used to make the Spoon shaped disc.
This is one of the strongest plastics there is.
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1) You will not crack or break the foot when
overtightening it.
2) You will not get "thread wear" groves in the spoon
area,  with repeated use.
3) The spoon design, lets you quilt over thick seams,
without trouble.
4) Yes, we got the OK from Handi Quilter
We are getting our feet, directly from them.
Introductory Price $89.95
Plus Shipping
Spoon Foot
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Handi Quilter Spoon Foot
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